How To Make Espresso Without Espresso Machine

As an espresso lover, we are sure that you had faced many issues in making espresso without an espresso machine and choosing the perfect brand for you. Hopefully, you will select the brand for the best espresso beans, but what about making? It is a common problem that many of us face in the beginning.

After falling in love with the coffee cup in the morning, everyone can’t start the day without the espresso. Luckily, for solving your and thousands of other people problem, we had found some best and easy way with instructions to make a cup of espresso without an espresso maker who will give you the answer to your question on by providing several ways to make coffee :

How To Make Espresso Without Espresso Machine

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1- Use Your Espresso With The French Press

The easiest and inexpensive method for brewing coffee when it comes to coffee & espresso maker is the french press. Generally, the French press price depends on the size and quality, but you can buy the product for 30$ or even less than 30$. Now you may be thinking that what is the french press? Is it a machine? Is it a grinder?. You will find your answer below: 

French Press

It is a thermos like a container that had one piston that process through the lids and middle of the spot. It is considered as the best and budget-friendly product that you will find worthy when you will see no coffee shop around your town. The use of this product is so simple and easy. All you need for processing is coffee beans and clean hot water that will lead you to the perfect espresso shot.

●   Grind Your Coffee Beans

If you don’t want to make your coffee muddy and tasteless, it would be best to choose coarse ground for a perfect espresso shot. The main reason for choosing this is because of the piston. The processing of piston feels unable sometimes to hold fine ground in the making.

Note: For delightful taste, you will need four tablespoons of coffee for the serving of 2.

●   Boil Your Clean Water

It is the second next step that you should keep in mind. Because without the hot water, we bet that you will fail every single time in making an espresso shot. The taste of the espresso will be as horrible as hell if the water is not boiled properly. Ensure your water efficiently because it will lead you to the perfect experience with smooth coffee extraction.

Note: Let the water cool for 15-20 seconds after boiling.

●   Add Your Coffee Grounds

After boiling the water, your next step is adding the grounds and the boiling water, which will give you a wonderful smell in no time. This aromatic fragrance comes from the oils of coffee beans that come out when the hot water is added. 

●   Stir Water Gently With Mixture

Always keep in mind that your purpose is to make a perfect smooth shot of espresso. So, stir gently without creating a vortex.

●   Steep Your Coffee

You will probably be thinking that does not make any sense, but believe us, it is worth the price and the taste you expect. Don’t forget to steep your coffee for an exact 4 minutes. Keep in mind that Not more than four and not less than four. If you steep more, then the taste will be horrible. If you steep less, then you will crush the quality of the espresso shot.

●   Press The Plunger

The piston is also known as a plunger. Using a piston/plunger in the right way is quite an essential factor in the french press. For example, if you feel any resistance in pressing. Stop right there and pull the piston backwards. After some seconds, start the process again, but you do not have to do the process in one motion. Continue the process until you reach the endpoint.

2- Brewing With The Moka Pot (More Effective)

The Moka Pot is the mother of espresso coffee that will be perfect for intense coffee lovers and will also provide you with the solution on how to make espresso without an espresso machine. This espresso brewing is only for those who want an intense coffee cup instantly after opening their eyes.

Many experts say that if you choose the best espresso beans and use the Moka Pot method, your every time choice for coffee will be strong permanently. It is considered one of the advanced ways to make coffee. It will generally take more time for brewing, but believe us; you will find your time and effort worthy when you taste the sip you are always looking for.

The french press will be perfect for you to make espresso coffee only for medium or dark roasting. But if you are looking for a more convenient method to make dark roasting. Then, you should take a loot on the Moka Pot method that we mentioned below.

●   Grinding Of Coffee

The grinding of coffee is different in the moke pot method as compared to the french press. In this method, you should find the coffee as much as possible. The pressure that you will generate by the lower chamber will result in the good-extracted espresso after passing the water through powder.

●   Filling The Lower Chamber With Water

The water can be boiled again before putting in the Moka pot, but it depends on you because the results will be acceptable in both ways to make coffee. Do not forget to focus on the valve on the side of the chamber. It will be in your hands whether you allow water to pass through the chamber or not.

We will highly recommend you to block the water from passing through the chamber. The reason is the high risk of explosion, and sadly you will find your strong espresso on the floor and walls instead of a cup.

●   Fill The Basket Of Coffee With Grounds

The most common mistake that every person made while using this method is that they overfill it. Remember that you will not have to overload it; otherwise, the water will not pass properly. It results in bad quality, and the espresso cup will not be much strong that you want.

●   Use Low Heat For Moka Pot

First of all, clean the pot that makes the pot screw incorrectly. Secondly, if you put your pot on higher heat, there is a chance of experiencing lousy espresso shots. So always adjust the heat of the stove on low.

●   Remove Pot From Heat And Clean

The last factor that you need to consider important is to remove the pot before the coffee rises to its peak. If you don’t do so, then the coffee will be bitter. It’ll depend on the size of your Moka Pot and your implementation. Make sure to clean the pot after processing with the hot water because the dishwasher will give the pot an unpleasant patina.

3- Making Espresso With Aeropress

The first question that will come in your mind is :

What Is An Aeropress?

You can consider Aeropress as a modern version of the french press. They were both built with the same type of structure for the same kind of functioning. Then what is the difference between them?. The only difference between them is that Aeropress is a cylinder shape structure and features filter on the lower end.

You place your coffee, add some hot water, press the plunger, and pressure the coffee. This method, which we have discussed, is one of the most straightforward and easy methods that everyone can do in their homes.

Now let’s Go Through The Procedure For Making Espresso Without Espresso Maker.

Grinding Of The Coffee

In the Aeropress, you will need extremely fine ground more than Moka pot. If the grounds are too big, it will be challenging to make a perfect espresso blend because the water will move freely across the substance.

So have to keep in mind about the size of the ground you made and the quantity of hot water you use while processing. You have to be more accurate because you use the most straightforward and handcrafted methods instead of machines and coffee makers.

Add Grounds In The Aeropress

Before adding grounds in the Aeropress, make sure you placed a filter in the lower end for coffee. The best way of setting the filter is to place after pouring a little amount of hot water. The reason is quite sure you will prevent your coffee from the unpleasant smell of filter paper. After that, add the grounds and shake the cylinder with the minimum potential you had.

We need to process gently rather than creating a storm in the tube. Before going through this paragraph, make sure that you had added filter paper on the other end also. This will lock the ground and enable you to press the plunger that extracts the coffee you demand.

Pressing Of The Plunger

After your first pressing, the second step you will do for the shot of espresso is to add hot water according to the individual measurements that you will get on the Aeropress. It depends on you how much water would be best for the amount you poured in the cylinder. Because in the end, all you want is a perfect taste for yourself only. 

After finding your answer on how to make espresso without an espresso machine, you will probably be thinking about the espresso’s outstanding quality. The question is quite apparent and vital, which we will answer for your convenient experience of coffee.

Note: It is must for you to read this article because your queries and confusing question leads you here on: 

What Makes The Best Espresso From The Best Espresso Beans?

The best quality and taste of the espresso depends on the beans you choose. You will feel more comfortable in buying powdered coffee. But we bet that you will not find the taste that you demand. The reason is simple. They are not fresh and have no natural quality you get in your ground beans brewed by your hands.

The Second important element for a perfect cup of coffee is the pressure that you apply. If you cannot buy an espresso machine but also want to enjoy the cup every day, it would be best for you to learn the Moka pot method mentioned above. It enables you to create significant pressure on coffee for the extraction you desire.

The third important key that leads you to the great espresso is the boiling point of water and the quality. If you use the boiling water, then you will end up burning your coffee beans. Ont the other hand, if you use the right amount of hot water, all nutrition and oils will be released from the coffee beans, and you will enjoy the fantastic taste of the coffee.

The last point for espresso that you should know is the type of roasting. If you are a fan of light mood coffee, then you should go for light roasting. But if you are looking for strong espresso beans, then it would be best for you if you go for dark roasting.

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